Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment in Vero Beach, FL

Millions of individuals in the United States experience peripheral neuropathy annually, a distressing condition characterized by pain. It occurs due to the damage or ailment in the nerves responsible for transmitting messages from the brain and spinal cord to the remaining parts of the body.

The spinal cord serves as the origin for peripheral nerves, which then extend outward along specific paths in the body called dermatomes. If any of these nerves sustain injury, it can impact one or multiple dermatomes, resulting in pain that spreads to specific regions of the body.

This form of nerve damage can disrupt the transmission of signals between the brain and other body parts. Additionally, it may hinder muscle movement, impair sensation in the arms and legs, and give rise to occasionally severe pain.

What Can Cause Neuropathy?

There are various causes of peripheral neuropathy that lead to its development in individuals. These causes include but are not limited to diabetes, inadequate nutrition, ailments, or infections. While hereditary factors can also contribute to its occurrence, this is relatively uncommon.

Surprisingly, there are cases where the root cause of peripheral neuropathy cannot be identified, known as idiopathic neuropathy. It is interesting to note that as many as a third of individuals with peripheral neuropathy in Vero Beach, FL fall under this category.

Treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy

The approach to treating peripheral neuropathy varies depending on its type and severity. Anti-seizure medications or antidepressants may be effective for certain individuals.

In some cases, capsaicin cream is used to provide limited relief from symptoms.

Alleviating the pain associated with peripheral neuropathy is typically the main focus of treatment, given its high level of discomfort.

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