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Spine Doctor JK DickinsonDr. J K. Dickinson, DC has been helping people since he graduated from Sherman Chiropractic College in 2004. His exposure to chiropractic was when his wife was very sick and his search led to chiropractic as a possibility for help that had not yet been suggested. This was inspiring and he later worked towards the requirements to enter chiropractic school and then moved to Marietta Georgia to enter this new field in 2000. Several science classes were needed to start chiropractic school and Life University offered them in an accelerated version where one semester was compacted into 5 weeks. Two semesters of each science was completed in 10 weeks. When he started, the school said that two of the two semester classes would be very tough if taken together but even though it had never been successfully done before, Dr. Dickinson took them together and was at the top of the class in both. This set the stage for his chiropractic college experience of 4 years, and several choices were made at that early stage.

The first choice made was to focus on adjusting the spine with very low force. He realized that upper cervical adjusting techniques had the most impact on the spine while needing the lowest amount of force as well needing no twisting, popping or cracking. Many styles of upper cervical adjusting were studied as extracurricular classes, some in undergrad when first arriving and some were in the core chiropractic studies. Chiropractic Orthospinology was his ultimate choice of technique since it was an upper cervical technique without dogma. Other techniques in this family branched off starting with the analysis discovered through the founder of Orthospinology, John Grostic.

Dr. Dickinson has also adopted instrument techniques to adjust the bones lower than the upper cervical area and these techniques also adjust without the twisting, popping or cracking normally associated with chiropractic adjustments. This office is proudly twisting, popping and cracking free.

Always on the look-out for other technology to help healing, nutrition, although not being chiropractic was in the back of his mind as being necessary for a complete picture of health. First, adjusting the spine coupled with top notch supplements relieved his wife of the fate of a shortened lifetime using prednisone and the compounding additional health problems that came as a “side effect” and allowed her to become completely be free of all prednisone as well as any pharmaceutical. His wife’s illness required abdominal surgery and medically and after the surgery, all the surgeon and her gastroenterologist could tell her was she had a lifetime of management through pharmaceuticals as her only alternative. Through their eyes, this may have been true, but Dr. Dickinson had a new paradigm. After graduation, while in his first practice in 2006 in Vero Beach, he studied for many hours in a program and became certified in Functional Nutritional Medicine.

Gradually, the fact that many people were in pain or had neuropathies or other conditions with numbness or pain or both, originating in the low back, or cervical spine, that could only be helped with the technology of non-surgical spinal decompression came into view and Dr. Dickinson could not look back. Many people chose spinal surgery because they were not given this powerful information when it was needed, and a large percentage of the surgeries left the patient with no change, or pain in a different form or location. Many times, even though the surgeries were a physical success, these were essentially failed surgeries because they left the patient, in many cases, in more pain than they started with. The patient also ended up with permanent changes to the spine due to surgery. Dr. Dickinson saw the need to adopt these technologies to help even more people and in using them, has gotten people to a pain free state even years after a failed surgery.

The need to expand to this service, much as the original reason for going to school to begin with became apparent. Dr. Dickinson became certified in non-surgical spinal decompression in 2007.

The class IV laser was another technology that he adopted at that time. It works by giving the body the energy needed for healing and the combination of the two was super powerful. Using both technologies together has become the standard.

Dr. Dickinson has teamed up with Disc Centers of America to be the best he can be for his patients because of their expertise in education, the network of over 200 offices within this affiliation, and their proficiency at getting the right information that non-surgical spinal decompression can be a wise first choice, at the right time, to people in need. The costs and statistics of surgeries are widely published and are staggering. There is an alternative. Non-surgical spinal decompression of the lumbar and/or cervical discs and spine can often allow the patient to avoid dangerous drugs, risky injections and often unnecessary surgeries.

Dr. Dickinson and his staff can determine if you are a candidate for this or some combination of these treatments. They are now Nationally certified at an even higher level in non-surgical spinal decompression and for the patient, this treatment can be life altering and help them to possibly avoid the negative surgical outcomes. There is no going back from altering the spine, or any tissue for that matter through cutting, but for the candidate, teamed with our other technologies, non-surgical spinal decompression offers the best care possible and is available at Disc Centers of America, Vero Beach.

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